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How to Manage the non-core elements of the Coaching Process, without having to hire external staff

How Does TrackingCoach Work?

Coach your Clients even when you are not there!

It requires continuous feedback. Most people give up after a while, especially when they have a limited support network.
You know that your Coaching sessions are of good quality. Make sure that the inisghts and intentions are followed up in daily practice in between sessions. With TrackingCoach, you’ll no longer have to worry about your clients “falling off the wagon.”
TrackingCoach makes the process to change habits, FUN, easy to manage, and simple to track. As the coach, you start by developing a list of daily personal questions that support the client’s intentions and goals.
TrackingCoach then presents your client with these questions every day via our mobile app. The system records their responses so you can review them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and it can continue forever.
Essentially, TrackingCoach acts as your replacement for those times when you can’t be present. It gently nudges your client to remind them to do the work.
The results are incredible because this process has been proven to effectively drive behavioral change. It just requires your clients to stick to it, which TrackingCoach does.
Plus, TrackingCoach isn’t static. Over time, the system can easily accommodate your client’s growth and change.




Staying on Track

Most people have so many things going on in their lives that their own personal dreams and goals often fall by the wayside, even if they’re working with a coach.
However, a quick reminder every day of what they’re trying to achieve is a surefire way to keep them on track.
When you, as their coach, can check in with them to monitor their progress, leave notes for future reference, and to prepare for a more efficient session, their motivation skyrockets.
TrackingCoach reminds them every day of their goals and inspires them to engage with their vision of the future so they are better able to achieve it.


TrackingCoach allows you to measure the progress of your clients and your performance as a coach

          •    Daily Self Tracking Process

          •    Stakeholder Centered Coaching (360 Interviews, mini surveys,                   daily question process etc.)

This will allow you to better tailor your approach to your client’s needs. However, it also provides your client with a clear view of their progress, which many people find incredibly encouraging and motivational. 


Feedback is critical to improvement. People have been shown to improve based on their own daily input, as well as feedback from stakeholders. 
This feedback creates self-awareness and encourages change when people act upon it. And that’s exactly what TrackingCoach provides because it encourages clients to conduct daily self-assessments which they can look back on and use to improve.

TrackingCoach Helps You Stay Connected

TrackingCoach allows you to stay connected to your clients and track their progress. Weekly and monthly scorecards are sent out with a performance overview.

You also have access to a 360-degree feedback tool, a data-export function, and the ability to keep records so you can learn even more.

And you can achieve all this on the TrackingCoach platform which you can brand with our own company name and logo. You even get to decide who has access.

The Dr. Marshall Goldsmith Seal of Approval

Check out what Dr. Goldsmith thinks of TrackingCoach
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s Nr. 1 executive coach, has helped countless people over the decades. He’s found that one of the most important things to achieving long-lasting success is the Daily Question Process. 
The Daily Question Process is a daily discipline, designed to help people focus on what’s really important to them. It’s meant to keep them focused in a sea of distractions, to reach lasting positive behavorial change. 

Try TrackingCoach Trial Now!

You can try out TrackingCoach risk-free unlimited at no cost to you.

TrackingCoach helps you stay connected with your clients to achieve better and more measurable results by encouraging follow-through.

So, what exactly does TrackingCoach do?

            Helps your clients stay on track

            Allows you to measure client progress and your 
            coaching performance

            Systemizes the Coaching Process, so you can focus on what you do best (without the need for extra Staff)

Safety First

We keep all your data safe by ensuring all connections are secure. We use an AES-256 encryption algorithm to ensure data is also completely safe when stored locally.

Pay as you go

You don’t have to shell out a huge up-front investment. Start with our lowest subscription level at only €9 per month per coach. You can then level up to our unlimited subscription where you can have as many clients as you like.


TrackingCoach is available on any device, from regular personal computers to any mobile device, whether iOS or Android-powered. This way, you can stay connected at all times, no matter where you are.

Your Own Branding

TrackingCoach allows you to use your own company name and logo. You can also choose your own subdomain. You’ll find very few references to TrackingCoach or any other third party.


All data can be exported and downloaded for offline use. You also have the option to import the data into Excel, SPSS, PowerBI or any other tool to conduct data analysis.

Full Support

We provide all the support you need through our customer service center. We’ll answer any questions within two business days. Otherwise, you can send us any feedback you wish through our contact form.

Anne-Johan Willemsen
TopMind - Mind Fitness Training
"Being involved from the very beginning, TrackingCoach helped me solve my greatest challenge as a coach of professional athletes: clients needed help defining and developing new habits in support of their coaching goals. The  daily questions process was the answer! Moreover, personally my health, happiness and professional success is to a great extend a result of this tracker."
Carl Godlove
Godlove Group LLC
"Both my executive and personal clients use my daily TrackingCoach service. It's the perfect complement to my coaching approach for individuals and teams. It reinforces the behaviors and practices that lead to permanent, desired change. And I use it myself. I wouldn't start a day without it!"

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Alexander Pechtold

Former Dutch Political Leader 

Reinier Saxton
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Try TrackingCoach Trial Now!

You can try out TrackingCoach risk-free unlimited at no cost to you.

TrackingCoach helps you stay connected with your clients to achieve better and more measurable results by encouraging follow-through.

So, what exactly does TrackingCoach do?

            Helps your clients stay on track

            Allows you to measure client progress and your                     coaching performance

            Manages the Coaching Admin Process, taking care.                of  the non core coaching tasks, you dont want to.                  do (GDPR, Notes, Consents, Reminders etc)

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